How to Eat an Elephant in 4 Simple Steps

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Today is a fun day – today is all about trying things new – so today, instead of a blog about how to Eat an Elephant, I sent you a spunky new video (well, videos are spunky + new round these parts!) all the way from my heart to yours.

If you are in overwhelm or freaking out about a big big thing on your plate -simple!  Eat it like you would an elephant!

Just watch the video to find out how to eat that huge project or massive task in – it takes just 4 simple steps.

Here’s to Your Delicious Life!

Kylie x

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  • Lesh@TheMindfulFoodie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video, Kylie. You are a natural in front of the camera! What you said is such sound advice. I was just talking about this very thing yesterday (not using the ‘eating elephants’ analogy, though – but I love it and will use that next time the topic arises).
    I’ll be watching this video again, when I need a reminder! x

    • Kylie

      Hi Lesh! Thanks so for coming to take a peek honey – such a lovely way to share isn’t it? This video thingimy makes me feel like I am speaking directly to you, so lovely to share. Shall be starting a Soap Box soon *stay tuned*, and would love to have you on for an interview honey xx

    • image_upload

      Hi Lesh! So wonderful to finally get over the nerves and just share from my heart <3

  • Dale

    Love it! So much fun to watch; great tips!
    (Just wanted to let you know that at the very beginning of your video, we see How to Eat AND Elephant…. ) thought you’d like to know!
    Keep it up

    • Kylie

      Hi Dale! hehehe! I am SUCH a bad typist, so little tweaks are often needed in my copy -thats why I work with Kris! lol :) Thanks and it has been fixed now babe – so lovely to have you stop by :)

    • image_upload

      Hi Dale! ooopsie, fixed now – thanks for dropping in to say howdy x

  • Kris Emery

    Yes, yes, yes, you are a genius! Point number two is so important (and flipping awesome to have been involved). Great tips. You’re rocking it, Kylie!

    • Kylie

      Hi Kris! Have been so so glad of your last minute editting work on both the book and the cover/author pages – you are amazing honey, and thank you!

    • image_upload

      YAY!! so glad you are on my book team honey :)

  • Tracey Carmichael

    Hi Kylie, your new website looks fabulous and I love your videos. Enjoy the birth of your book!!! A very exciting day

    Health and Happiness Tracey x

    • image_upload

      Hi Tracey! so lovely to be almost there – and hats off to you for being a published author already – now I know what it takes!!